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These are our best party rental games for bigger events in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. What makes them the best is that they are new games, and they are unique attractions that are not that common to see all the time. Add to this the capacity of players that they can handle and you will quickly realize that these four items are ideal for larger events. Make sure you click on each picture to view more details on each of these attractions.

When choosing featured attractions we used our years of experience to find items that were exciting to play on and offered a high level of safety in their operations. Take the bungee jumper as an example. This was not the first one to market but it is the safest and most exciting. It is possible to jump up to 22 feet in the air which is much higher than any other manufacturers height. Add to it the quality of the gear and you know this is the best game to play on. Even the owner enjoys playing on the bungee jumper.

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We offer mobile laser tag for rent in the Maritimes and this system is designed for Big events. Capable of handling 12 players for our top systems we also can bring an inflatable bunker package for people to hide behind when playing the game. Expect lots of running and activity with this ultimate crowd pleaser. Complete with sounds and lights and super lightweight blasters.

Check out a new addition for 2016 - a 20 foot RC stock car racing game in a trailer with six Nascar style cars on the oval track. Each driver controls his car while listening to live race announcements and plenty of other entertainment items. Race your friends to the checker flag today with Fastrack racing from Bounce Kingdom Party Rentals in Nova Scotia with service to New Brunswick and PEI events.